• Why is sea water salty?

  • Why is there lightning?

  • Why do we need to drink water?

  • Why do stars twinkle at night

  • Why do eyes hurt when tired?

The Tell me Why series is a collection of kids educational videos which make it entertaining for the kid to learn different concepts easily and in a fun manner. The topics which can be learn by the kid include Health, Geography, General Knowledge and Science.

Health educational kids videos are on various topics including why finger nails grow faster than toe nails, why do eyes hurt when tired, why do we see star when we bump our heads. There is a large collection of over 50 videos across topics to help your kid learn in the comfort of your home.

Science video for kids in the Tell me Why series includes topics such as why do we hear thunder lighting and why do camels have a hump. They also include topics around plants such as why leaves change their colours during autumn. All the videos for kids are in 3D animation and are fun and engaging for your child.

The videos for kids are in english with subtitles, so they can be watched by kids across the world, including the US and UK. There are also nursery rhymes for kids on the website. The company producing this content is based in India, with partners across the world. KidsVideoShow is a Youtube Channel with regular video series for kids. Subscribe now to receive updates on the latest videos.